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January 29, 2020
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How suppliers determine the price of sod

A sodded lawn immediately increases the value of a property but the cost of that sod depends on many variables.
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To seed or to sod? There’s no competition

When deciding between starting your lawn from seed or covering your lawn with sod, you needn’t stress. There’s no contest. Sod wins.
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North Carolina Sod Producers Promote Grasscycling!

Collecting grass clippings is a waste of time, effort and energy and is not good for the environment.
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Highs and Mows: The impact of proper lawn mowing height

Ever go to get a haircut and before you can say "OH, NO. PLEASE, NO," you stumble through the exit, triggering a cheap bell that twinkles in celebration of your shame, into the glaring sun with hair much shorter than you hoped to have?
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Got brown grass? Why dormant grass doesn't mean it's dead

There is nothing that complements a house more than a manicured lawn of green grass sprawled before it. But the reality is, green grass can be seasonal.
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4 ways to be the 'Sodfather' of your lawn

Make your lawn an offer it can't refuse, and build a fantastic lawn by following these four tips:
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NCSPA Condemns UNC's Decision to Install Artificial Turf

NCSPA Final Press Release Synthetic Turf
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Why sod?

Locally Grown, Improved and Adapted Grasses

NC SPA grasses are grown in North Carolina and designed to perform well in our climate, Many of the grasses have been tested by turfgrass researchers at NCSU.

Helps Reduce Pollution

Sod traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. It also absorbs pollutants like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen into the air. About 2,500 square feet of lawn produces enough oxygen to accommodate a family of four.

Protects Water Quality

Sod acts as a natural filter by absorbing harmful chemicals and pollutants as well as preventing soil particles from entering our water. Sediment is a leading cause of poor water quality.

Helps Reduce Soil Erosion

Sod provides instant soil stabilization in erosion-prone areas. Because sod is a fully mature cultivated product, it can be installed on slopes where seeding is difficult if not impossible.

Instantaneous Results

Sod provides an instant lawn which can be enjoyed immediately after installation unlike seeded lawns which may take weeks or months to establish.

Year Round Establishment

Sod, unlike grass seed, can be installed year round.

Sod Looks Luxurious and Works Lke an Investment

Landscaping with sod can instantly increase the market value of a property by as much as 15%. Using sod can enhance “curb appeal” thus resulting in a quicker sale by attracting prospective buyers sooner.

How to get Sod

Next time you buy sod, ask if it's from a member of the North Carolina Sod Producers Association.

See all growers

Our members farms are listed on our Find a Grower Page and are listed by county and grass type. This should help you find a grower near you and make your selection easier. Some farms may have multiple locations or may routinely ship statewide.

You can find out which grower supplies a certain grass type by going to our Find Your Grass page.

Many farms who sell “retail/residential”, generally meaning that they will sell directly from the farm in smaller quantities. Occasionally, farms will direct you to approved “Retail” outlets in your area and do not sell directly from the farm.

There are also sod services, grassing services and landscapers who sell and install sod for projects of all size. These can be found on our Grower Member page and on our Associate Member page.

All conditions for sale, including pricing, availability, sales type and delivery are set by the individual farms or company. The information included on this website is the most recent provided to the NC SPA; we recommend that you contact the farm directly to confirm that the information is still current and to ask questions about your specific project.