About NC SPA

Who We Are

The North Carolina Sod Producers Association represents growers throughout the state of North Carolina, producing quality turfgrasses to meet a variety of commercial, residential, sports and recreational turf needs.

Founded in 2001, the NC SPA is dedicated to the preservation of the natural resources of our state and the quality of life for North Carolinians. We work to achieve this by constantly seeking new members who are quality growers; by keeping our members abreast of the latest research findings and regulations that may affect the sod business; and by encouraging quality sod within the industry by sharing solutions to common sod problems. The North Carolina Sod Producers Association promotes a strong and prosperous sod industry within the state of North Carolina.

Code of Ethics

All members of NCSPA agree to abide by the following Turf Producers Iinternational (TPI) Code of Ethics:

  • To continually strive toward the betterment of our environment through the production of quality sod.
  • To place the interests, concerns, and needs of our customers above our own.
  • To avoid and condemn any practice which might bring discredit to our industry.
  • To advance our industry through improving our qualifications, encouraging research and exchanging information and experiences.
  • To observe the guidelines of the Association and to give ourselves freely for the advancement of its objectives.