Go Green, Buy Local

Dear Neighbor,

As you plan your spring turfgrass projects, we would like you to consider purchasing sod from a North Carolina Sod Producers Association member. Keeping your money in the local economy helps support the North Carolina communities we live and work in. More importantly to YOU, you receive a product that is FRESH, locally grown and adapted to North Carolina conditions.

Using locally grown varieties adapted to North Carolina conditions ensures a healthy, dense, vigorous turf that is less susceptible to pests and environmental stress. Purchasing locally grown, healthy sod or sprigs from a NC SPA member can also result in less shipping costs and carbon emissions.

If you haven’t asked if your sod farm is an NC SPA member you should because NC SPA members care about being the best. For a list of growers near you visit the GROWERS page. We would like to thank you for your commitment to quality and excellence and look forward to working with you.

Yours in Turf,

Dr. Art Bruneau
Executive Director
NC Sod Producers Association
919-302-7971 Phone
919-515-5315 Fax