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4 Ways to be the ‘Sodfather’ of Your Lawn

Make your lawn an offer it can’t refuse, and build a fantastic lawn by following these four tips:

1. Water water, everywhere

According to the North Carolina Sod Producers Association, “Improper irrigation of lawns results in wasted water, added cost and unhealthy plants.”

The NCPA added, “Water should be applied only when a reasonable portion of the lawn shows signs of moisture stress. A dark bluish-gray color, footprints that remain some time after walking, and wilted, folded or curled leaves are indications that it is time to water.”

Some other things to keep in mind in regards to watering include:

  • Water in the early morning if possible.
  • Water established lawns to a depth of 6 to 8 inches to encourage deep rooting.
  • Use cans or a rain gage to determine how much water is being delivered in a certain period of time.