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Concerning Coronavirus

Suggestions and helpful resources regarding COVID-19

Subject: Concerning Coronavirus

Dear Grower Member,

Your Board, Emily and I hope that you, your family and staff are safe and healthy and will remain so during these trying times. First, we want you to know that according to the NCDA the Department of Homeland Security considers agriculture one of the critical infrastructures for national security http://www.ncagr.gov/disaster/documents/COVID-19.htm. Please remember that we are here to assist you in whatever capacity possible. In that spirit, we would like to share some thoughts and suggestions we have noted from various sources along with some helpful resources that may be of benefit.

Thoughts & Suggestions

  • Let your customers know that you are still in business
  • Communicate what you are doing with your customers
  • Encourage customers to order remotely
  • Require sick employees to stay home
  • Utilize technology (videos, FaceTime, Skype, Messenger) to sell virtually
  • Provide customers more options for remote sales and pickups that reduce physical interaction
  • Reduce shared items (trucks, phones, computers, etc.) among employees and dedicate specific items to each employee where possible
  • Reduce or eliminate shared items such as time clocks or paper logs that multiple employees may have to touch daily
  • Provide EPA approved disinfectant/sanitizer in as many areas as possible
  • Post signs & use social media to let customers know you are still open and taking orders
  • Post English and Spanish COVID-19 posters in the workplace (see Helpful Resources below)
  • Provide reporting procedures for employees to comfortably report health issues, known or anonymous
  • Cross train employees in case there is an employee shortage
  • Form policies to protect worker health and to minimize customer contact

Helpful Resources

Additionally, RAFI-USA will be offering emergency mini-grants for farmers who have experienced a drastic loss of income as a result of the virus and need immediate assistance for household expenses. Please sign up here [docs.google.com] to receive updates via email, or check our social media channels for updates (Facebook [facebook.com]Instagram [instagram.com]Twitter [twitter.com]). More details here: https://www.rafiusa.org/blog/covid19/ [rafiusa.org].

If you are aware of additional resources or have any other ideas of benefit, please let us know so we pass them on to others. We hope that you, your staff and family stay safe during this complex and everchanging scenario. As always, please contact us if we can be of help.

Art Bruneau