About NC SPA

About the NC Sod Producers Association (NCSPA)

The North Carolina Sod Producers Association (NCSPA) is a not-for-profit corporations whose purpose is to maintain a trade association of individuals and firms engaged in the business of planting, growing, and marketing natural grass sod. We represent over 40 NC Sod farms who grow high-quality, farm-fresh, natural grass sod for use on lawns, athletic fields, golf courses, roadsides, and other green spaces in North Carolina and beyond.

Our commitment to quality and excellence

NCSPA members care about the green industry and are committed to providing high-quality natural grass sod to its customers. As you plan your turfgrass projects, please consider purchasing sod from a North Carolina Sod Producers Association member. Keeping your money in the local economy helps support the North Carolina communities we live and work in.


Using locally grown natural grass species and varieties adapted to North Carolina’s climate ensures healthy, dense, and vigorous grass that is less susceptible to pests and environmental stresses. FRESH, locally grown sod is better!

Fresh Oxygen Production by Natural Grass Lawns