Benefits of Natural Grass Sod

Natural grass lawns, parks, and other green spaces are integral part of urban and suburban communities throughout the world! They provide countless ecosystem services documented by scientific research.
  • Sod provides an instant lawn which can be enjoyed immediately after installation unlike seeded lawns which may take weeks or months to establish.
  • Landscaping with sod can instantly increase the market value of a property by as much as 15%.
  • Using sod can enhance “curb appeal” thus resulting in a quicker sale by attracting prospective buyers sooner.
  • Sod traps and removes dust and dirt from the air. It also absorbs pollutants like carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and releases oxygen into the air.
  • Sod acts as a natural filter by absorbing sediment, harmful chemicals and pollutants which can cause poor water quality.
  • Sod provides instant soil stabilization in erosion-prone areas.
Environmental Lawn Benefits

For more information on the many environmental benefits of natural grass lawns, parks, sports fields, roadsides, and other green spaces please visit The Lawn Institute/Environmental Benefits.

Cool-Season Grasses

Cool-season grasses are widely used in the Western, Piedmont, and Triangle region of North Carolina. They grow best in spring and fall but will also do well during the summer months. They may show signs of stress during periods of drought or disease pressure. They have good shade tolerance and can be a great choice for lawns, depending on your needs and location within North Carolina.

Warm-Season Grasses

Warm-season grasses perform best during the summer months and go dormant after the first frost in the fall. They have great drought tolerance, traffic tolerance, and some species have good shade tolerance. They are a great choice for home lawns, especially in the piedmont and eastern regions of North Carolina.

For more information on how to choose with grass is right for you, check out these resources:

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