Zoysiagrass produces a very dense, wear-tolerant lawn that grows well in full sun and light shade. It is very drought resistant and rarely needs irrigation to survive in North Carolina.

Propagation method: vegatative

Zoysiagrass spreads by stolons and rhizomes, but it is easier to keep out of flowerbeds than bermudagrass as it grows more slowly.

Seasonal Type: warm-season

Warm-up: Sod will not produce roots unless the soil temperature exceeds 55°F for several weeks.



Zoysiagrass produces a very dense, wear-tolerant lawn that grows well in full sun and light shade. It has stiff leaves that produce a very dense turf, which people often describe as feeling like “walking on a cushion.”


Zoysiagrass grows more slowly than bermudagrass, and thus requires less frequent mowing. But because the leaves are stiff, mowing can be difficult unless the mower blades are sharp.

The finer-textured zoysiagrasses ideally should be mowed with a reel mower, whereas the coarser-textured zoysiagrasses can be mowed with a rotary mower.

Drought Tolerance: High

Zoysiagrass is very drought resistant. It rarely needs irrigation to survive in North Carolina.

List of Growers

Vandemark Farms

Trevor Vandemark
9390 NC Hwy 33
NC 27891

Phone: (252) 437-1501
Fax: (252) 437-0228
Email: info@vandemarkfarms.com


Bermudagrass: TifTuf, Tifway 419
St. Augustinegrass: Raleigh
Tall Fescue: Triple Threat plus
Zoysiagrass: Compadre

Tidewater Turfgrass Farm LLC

Harold Henriksen
P.O. Box 973
Morehead City NC 28557

Phone: (252) 659-0198
Email: sales@tidewaterturfgrass.com


Bermudagrass: Tifway 419
Centipedegrass: Common
St. Augustinegrass: Raleigh
Zoysiagrass: El Toro

Super Sod

Brad Hubinek
1225 Farmers Market Drive Box 19
Raleigh NC 27603

Phone: (919) 836-0492
Fax: (919) 836-0493
Email: bhubinek@supersod.com


Bermudagrass: TifTuf
Centipedegrass: Tifblair
Tall Fescue: Elite Tall Fescue
Zoysiagrass: ZenithTM, Zeon, Emerald

Sodco Turf Producers

Matt Parrish
8625 Mt. Pleasant Church. Rd.
Willow Spring NC 27603

Phone: (919) 552-7075
Fax: (919) 552-5944
Email: matt@sodco.com


Tall Fescue: Confederate
Bermudagrass: Tifway 419TM
Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: Compadre
Bluegrass: Endeavor II
Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Mix: Pennington Signature Series, Tarnation GT, Right Kentucky Bluegrass 5%

Sandy Plain Sod LLC

Paul Smith
521 Sumner Road
Pink Hill NC 28572

Phone: (910) 290-0574
Fax: (910) 298-5718
Email: smith192@embarqmail.com

Bermudagrass: Tifway 419
Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: El Toro

Sandhill Turf Inc

Mark Harris
P.O. Box 819 255 Highway 211
Eagle Springs NC 27242

Phone: (910) 673-2177
Fax: (910) 673-7810
Email: mharris@buysod.com


Bermudagrass: Tifsport, TifTuf, Tifway 419
Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Mix: JDL Select
Zoysiagrass: El Toro, Zeon, Prizm

Quality Turf Inc

Alfred Wooten
P.O.Box 1548
Burgaw NC 24825

Phone: (910) 259-3064
Fax: (910) 259-3065
Email: info@qualityturfnc.com


Bermudagrass: CelebrationTM, Premier Pro, Premier Pro, Tifdwarf, Tifway 419
Centipedegrass: Common
St. Augustinegrass: Raleigh
Zoysiagrass: Emerald, EmpireTM, Meyer

Pro Green Inc

Barry Clark
422 Lost Corner Rd
Morganton NC 28680

Phone: (828) 430-8833
Fax: (828) 430-8876
Email: barry@progreensales.com


Bentgrass: Pure Distiction, 007, Washed Sod, L-93, Penncross, A-1
Zoysiagrass: Meyer
Bluegrass: ProPure Blue
Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Mix: Triple Threat plus

Oakland Plantation Turf Farm Inc

John Williams
120 Bermuda Drive
Council NC 28434

Phone: (910) 669-2991
Fax: (910) 669-2993
Email: jkwilliams@intrstar.net


Bermudagrass: CelebrationTM, GN-1, Latitude 36, Tifsport, Tifway 419
Centipedegrass: Common
St. Augustinegrass: Palmetto, Raleigh
Zoysiagrass: EmpireTM, Zorro

Mackilwean Turf Farms

Kenney McIlwean or Paul Barnicle
1004 Washington Post Rd.
New Bern NC 28562

Phone: (252) 637-9261
Fax: (252) 636-1965
Email: mackturf@centurylink.net

Bermudagrass: CelebrationTM, Tifway 419
Centipedegrass: Common
St. Augustinegrass: Raleigh
Zoysiagrass: Cavalier, Compadre, El Toro

Laughinghouse Farms Inc

Andy Campbell
711 Pactolus Hwy
Greenville NC 27834

Phone: (252) 757-1567
Fax: (252) 757-0444
Email: sales@laughinghousefarms.com


Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: Meyer

Inman-Chapman Sod

Jamie Spears
P.O.Box 207
Inman SC 29349

Phone: (864) 680-3509
Fax: (864) 472-9674
Email: jspears@inmansod.com


Bermudagrass: CelebrationTM, Tifway 419, Tahoma 31
Zoysiagrass: El Toro

Essick Sod Farm

Dale or Libby Essick
3026 Abbotts Creek Church Road
Kenansville NC 27284-8551

Phone: (336) 869-5280
Fax: (336) 887-0783
Email: Lali324@msn.com

Zoysiagrass: ZenithTM

Duplin Sod Farm

Barry Evans
394 East Wards Bridge Road
Kenansville NC 28349

Phone: (910) 296-1355
Email: barry@duplinsod.com


Bermudagrass: Tifway 419TM
Zoysiagrass: Compadre
Centipedegrass: Common

DMG Turf Inc

Clay Gardner
997 Matthews Mill Pd. Road
Angier NC 27501

Phone: (919) 639-4027
Fax: (919) 639-6312
Email: cgardner@dmgturf.com


Tall Fescue: Triple Threat plus
Bermudagrass: Tifway 419, Tifgrand
Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: Compadre

Carver Bros Turf

H.R. Carver
118 Carver Brothers Dr
Roxboro NC 27574

Phone: (336) 592-0547
Email: info@carverbrosturf.com


Tall Fescue: Pennington Signature Series, Turf Type Tall Fescue, Water Saver Blend
Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Mix: Improved Tall Fescue/Bluegrass Blend, Pennington Signature Series, Turf Type Tall Fescue, Turf Type Tal
Zoysiagrass: Compadre
Bermudagrass: Tifway 419TM, TifTufTM

Carolina Turf Farms Inc

Scott Benton
1495 St. Pauls Rd
Raeford NC 28376

Phone: (910) 875-6141
Fax: (910) 875-6143
Email: ncsodman@carolinaturffarms.com


Bermudagrass: CelebrationTM, Latitude 36, NorthBridge, Tifway 419, Tahoma 31
St. Augustinegrass: Palmetto, Raleigh
Zoysiagrass: EmpireTM, Meyer, Innovation
Centipedegrass: Common

Neuse River Turf Farm, LLC

Christopher Jones
4406 Don Lee Road
Arapahoe NC 28510

Phone: 2526390016
Email: nrturf@gmail.com


Bermudagrass: Tifway 419, NorthBridge
St. Augustinegrass: Raleigh
Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: El Toro

Piedmont Turf Farm Inc

David McCart
1890 HW Farm Road
Maiden NC 28650

Phone: (828) 428-8359
Fax: (828) 428-2093
Email: david@piedmontturf.com


Bermudagrass: TifTufTM, T-10TM, Tifway 419TM
Tall Fescue / Bluegrass Mix: Tall Fescue/Bluegrass MixTM
Bluegrass: Water Star BlendTM
Zoysiagrass: ZeonTM

Southern Turf

Nicholas Dupree
1308 Pearidge Rd
Angier NC 27501

Phone: 9194272914
Email: nicholas@dupreefarms.com


Bermudagrass: Tifway 419
Zoysiagrass: Compadre

Tarheel Turfgrass Company Inc

Malcom Newberry
2319 Dover/ Fort Barnwell Road
Dover NC 28526-9245

Phone: (252)527-2880
Email: mvnewberry@earthlink.net

Bermudagrass: Tifway 419, Arden 15
Centipedegrass: Common
Zoysiagrass: Compadre