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Is your lawn care professional certified?

It is important to the Certified Turfgrass Professionals to maintain North Carolina’s beauty and serve as stewards of the land. That is why they are required to maintain applicator’s licensing and pass certification requirements above and beyond NC State laws. With a curriculum established and taught by North Carolina State University’s Turfgrass Program professors and staff, short course attendees prepare for the Turfgrass Certification Exam. It is an extensive test administered by the Turfgrass Council of NC and just one of the requirements to become a certified turfgrass professional. When your lawn care professional offers you a quote, you SHOULD consider asking them, are they a NC Certified Turfgrass Professional? Do they have a pesticide applicators license? Do they belong to a professional organization?

Working together with professional turfgrass organizations like the TCNC, NCSPA, NCSTMA, NCCIA, and NC extension services, you can maximize your available resources and achieve a beautiful, environmentally friendly lawn.